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Practical Micro Design is an electronics engineering company providing services to design and fabricate systems utilizing microprocessors or digital logic. Our primary focus is on embedded controls and digital communications. The company was founded in April 1984 and has successfully completed numerous development projects during each year since 1984. Our experience includes all phases of a project's life, from initial definition, through design and prototyping, and on to production.

Computer-aided tools are maintained for software development, circuit design, schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, mechanical design, programmable logic design, and gate array development. Our lab is equipped with, PROM/PAL/microcomputer programmers, in-circuit emulators, data communications line analyzers, and other equipment for testing prototypes. Additionally, we maintain a large data library to support component selection and specification.

Design work is performed in-house utilizing permanent staff. Documentation on all design work is delivered on paper and computer media.

Services offered range from advisory only consulting, to design and development contracts, to delivery of end products. One sample project for the U. S. Army included designing a form, fit, and function replacement for an orphaned processor card utilized in a communications system. The new card utilized updated technology to achieve better speed and lower cost. Over 2000 of these cards have been manufactured and delivered by Practical Micro Design.

Customer references are available upon request.

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