Practical Micro Design, Inc.
PMD 1984


Q-Tech Corp.--Designed control system including custom gate array and software for a very high precision Microcomputer Compensated Crystal Oscillator (MCXO).

Noise Cancellation Technology Inc. --Designed and prototyped a battery powered data acquisition system with internal battery charging system. The unit supported multiple sample rates suitable for audio reproduction and used a DSP chip to manage and compress data.

Telex Federal Systems--Designed a Data Adapter/Hayes Modem Simulator for a digital PBX. The PBX was originally designed by Stromberg Carlson and utilized a proprietary digital subscriber loop similar to ISDN, but provided only PCM voice support. PMD designed hardware and software to provide data communications and call supervision such that the PBX handled everything exactly the same as for voice calls.

Universal Dynamics Inc.--Designed communications interfaces and protocols for process control systems to allow computer management of plastic injection molding machinery.

Condor Systems Inc.--Developed antenna control software for tracking multiple non-synchronous orbit satellites. Also created control electronics and software for several communications systems.

GTE Spacenet--Designed and built several interface units including a high data rate Satellite Multiplexor/Demultiplexor, a Satellite Delay Simulator, and a satellite data traffic simulator for load testing system software.

PMD--PMD has developed and sells several communications products including RS-232 to Ethernet TCP/IP interfaces, T1 backup switches, and satellite terminal interfaces for credit card transaction terminals.

Additionally, Practical Micro Design has done package design, printed circuit layout, and production for Cable and Wireless Communications Inc., Harris Government Systems Inc., and Racal Avionics.

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